Leather Arm Restrainer

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Keep Your Sub's Arms Pinned behind their back! Restrain their arms behind their back by binding them each into the sleeve, adjusting tightening. Locking buckles give you the option of reinforcing your control and ownership.

Exposed and Vulnerable. Your slave will be wide open to tease and torment! Give them mind-blowing oral sex or multiple orgasms with a massage wand! Keep your slave helpless to your every desire!

Designed with Longer-term Wear in mind. Made of PU leather which is comfortable and durable for long-term use with many repeats! The cuff is easy to put on and remove quickly, and the buckle cuffs are elegant and will offer no escape!

Fully Adjustable. Each part of the restraint kit is adjustable, easy to adjust its length and tightness for arm and wrists, suitable for you and your lover perfectly.




Due to the intimate nature of these products; we cannot accept returns. Please refer to our ‘Shipping & Returns’ page for Q&A’s.