Fox Tail Butt Plug

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Want to surprise your honey and get him or her completely turned on? Whether you’re a man or a woman longing for some novelty in the bedroom. Add extra stimulation and new sensations to your solo or partnered erotic play, and/or use it for your everyday self-expression.

It’s a beautiful tail plug that’s made of real faux fur it is very soft, supple, and fluffy. Meanwhile, feel the smoothness and hardness of the plug, which is crafted from stainless steel that is safe for body use. It is available in 3 different sizes to make sure there’s a perfect size for every kinkster out there.Indulge in the delicate and titillating strokes of the tail as it hangs and drapes over your thighs. Turn on that raunchy music and shake your beautiful tail with your booty. We’re very sure your partner won’t be able to handle the heat and would like to pounce right away. 

This animal tail has a unique natural swish to its movement when it brushes against your skin. You will be absolutely enamored with how sturdy it is and wild it makes you feel!




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