Svakom Julie-Violet

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Vaginally, Julie serves as a perfect wearable gizmo only for your euphoria.
With this remote-controlled flexible bullet pluggie, you can find just the right angle to stimulate the g-spot. After the tease of Julie's caress, your sexual organs get full arousal. Multiple g-spot orgasms will come to you wave by wave. It's of the right size to fit just well in, no stretching pain, nor too small. Use it alone or with a partner anywhere you want, cinema, classroom, inside the elevator, on the train, etc.

Anally, Julie is a product that can be used for both male and female. For female, it can be used for G spot and anal stimulation. For male, this is perfect for massaging the prostate.

Prostate Orgasm, at the first 2 seconds, it is just a feeling of warmth, which is called pre-P-orgasm. The pre-P-orgasm lasts only seconds. But if you continuously stimulate the prostate when you're having a pre-p-orgasm. The warmth will bust into a long-lasting milking orgasm. Waves of pleasure will come to you constantly in that tens of minutes.


25 Pleasure Modes to Choose

5 vibration modes multiple 5 vibration intensities, which means SVAKOM Julie can provide you 25 ways to the mind-blowing eruption.